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Palringo is a multi-platform instant messaging client with which you can communicate with all of your MSN, Gmail, Yahoo MSN, AOL, Jabber or ICQ contacts at the same time.

The biggest advantages that Palringo offers as compared to other similar applications are lower than average resource consumption and a well-organized interface thanks to which you can easily work with your different accounts.

To use Palringo you will need to register in the author website (it's free). Once you have your username, you can add all of the above mentioned services that you want to include in your account to the client.

Palringo allows you to manage each service separately, so that, for example, you can change your status for your MSN contacts but not for your Gmail contacts. At first your contacts appear listed by status, but you can create groups to include contacts from different services.

As you can see, this is a very basic application that fulfills the basic needs of such a program, something that is certainly of interest for those that only use the messenger for momentary communications.

Compatible with Windows 200, XP and Windows Vista

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